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Flight Simulator Online - 28K Hours Flown Here!
By Jordan Moore
May 5, 2010, 06:11

With Hovercontrol's initiative this year regarding "Flying First", it brings us a lot of happiness to announce that our community has logged 28,000 flight hours on the Hovercontrol multiplayer server.

Given that the Hovercontrol multiplayer system only tracks flight hours for those that are on the move, and not those that are sitting stationary. It is especially interesting to think about how each of those flight hours might have been spent. What countries have been flown over and through, which friends got together, and who learned how to fly better?

We look forward to making the rest of 2010 our best year yet for flying, and will continue to make "Flying First" our top priority for the foreseeable future.

We hope you take a moment to join us online, or if you are new to online flying, take some time to get connected and fly with us! Get started Here!

28,000 Flight Hours Flown so Far!

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