Multiplayer in Flight Simulator
HC Flight Simulator Online - Real Weather Available
By Jordan Moore
May 2, 2010, 12:16

For users of FSInn

When clicking on the network button for your Hovercontrol connection, the small icon to the right of the button looks like a cloud/sunshine and will most likely come on automatically if you are using the FSInn default weather settings.

By visiting the FSInn settings using the "SET" button - go to the weather section to adjust your FSInn weather update settings.

It is recommended that you increase the weather update frequency from 5secs (Default) to something closer to 300secs (maximum).

If you do not want the server weather to be fetched automatically, you can also set that setting as well. You will have to click the small cloud/sunshine icon everytime you are connected to the Hovercontol multiplayer server and wish to enable server weather.

To clear the server weather use the red button at the bottom of the FSInn control panel that says "CAVOKS".

It is recommded that you set your weather settings in flight simulator to clear skies and no automatic updates, otherwise the server and your flight sim will be updating over eachother needlessly


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