Multiplayer in Flight Simulator
FSInn Client - Aircraft Overloading On Top
By Jordan Moore
Apr 14, 2010, 19:52

The problem of aircraft overloading on top of you when you join a FSInn multiplayer session is related to a problem with peer-2-peer connections. It does not occur for all users, but when it happens can be quite annoying for the FSInn user.

In order to stop this behavior:

From the FSInn Control Panel:
1. Select "SET" for the settings menu
2. Select the "Network" Sub menu
3. Select the "Peer To Peer" Sub menu
4. Check the "Disable Automatic Peer to Peer establishing..." option

The following screenshot will help illustrate the setting to change in your multiplayer FSInn client software:

Disable Automatic Peer To Peer Establishing

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