Multiplayer in Flight Simulator
FSX Multiplayer and Shared Cockpit
By Jordan Moore
Jan 9, 2010, 16:27

This simple picture tutorial will help to demonstrate how you can start your Flight Simulator X and use the built in multiplayer features to connect to other pilots.

Though Hovercontrol operates a specialized flight server that requires particular client software to connect, Flight Simulator comes with built in ability to create multiplayer flights. This built in capability is quick and easy for most users and is also necessary if you would like to share cockpits with your friends.

For Sharing Cockpits - Keep in mind:
1. You will both need to have the same version of FSX.
2. You will both need to have the same aircraft (exactly).

In General, the shared cockpit features works great and is very enjoyable for regular flights as well as instructor lead training in the helicopter flight simulator!

Here is the sequence of menu choices you will need to utilize in order to connect to a Gamespy multiplayer session in Flight Simulator X. There are notes under each image to provide additional detail.

Freeflight - where you begin after starting FSX

Choose Multiplayer - Sign In and/or create a new account.

To start, we will assume that you are not the player hosting the session and that one already exists. Although choosing to host a session only takes a few extra mouse clicks. Once you have connected to the Gamespy multiplayer lobby a few times, you should have no problems figuring out how to host your own session.

Get out of main lobby - Goto Helicopter Ops and Look for Session

If you intend to allow another pilot to share your cockpit you will need to check the "Share my Aircraft" option on this dialogue. Additional options are also available at this point to give you some additional control over how your cockpit is shared (password, etc).

You can also choose which location you will join at once in the multiplayer session. It is often useful to simply join at the airport that is nearest the user that started the session. Though you can start anywhere you choose.

Choose aircraft/location - Check Share if you want to Share your cockpit

If you want to share a cockpit with another pilot that has previously selected to make their cockpit available for sharing - you will need to join them using the following dialogue.

Select "Join Aircraft" to share another players cockpit. - Then Join Session

Once you have successfully joined the session you are ready to Fly! If you chose to share a cockpit with another pilot then you and the other pilot can use the SHIFT+T key command to pass the joystick control back and forth. You will see a message scroll across the top of the screen when this occurs. The joystick can only be controlled by one pilot at a time - however most key commands can be used by either pilot at any time. Functions like engine control, trim, lights, and navigational instrument selections can be shared between the pilots.

SHIFT + T will pass the joystick between pilots. Most key commands will be shared.

To end the multiplayer flight simply choose the "End Flight" Option from the Simulator's Flight menu.

To end multiplayer - Select END FLIGHT from the Flight menu.

You can choose to leave the session at this point - or if you were sharing another pilot's cockpit you can also simply choose to leave their aircraft.


If you ready to end the multiplayer flight entirely - you can choose to SIGN OUT using the following dialogue. You may also choose to select a different session and start an entirely new multiplayer flight using a different session.


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