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Flight Simulator Enjoyment

Rise of the Screenshot Queens?

Are high end flight simulator add-ons being developed and purchased by people who do not actually spend any time flying in flight simulator?

By Jordan Moore
Feb 9, 2014

Which Flight Simulator is the best?

Flight simulator users have several choices these days. A common question asked by those wanting to become more involved with the flight simulator community is which desktop flight simulator software is the best? It can sometimes be difficult to get a straight answer to this question due to so many competing viewpoints and loyalties. In this article I will try to provide a simple answer for you.

By Jordan Moore
Oct 10, 2010

A place to fly - Hope, British Columbia (CYHE)

After hours of tweaking Flight Simulator X performance, installing new addon sceneries, and getting the best aircraft available for flight simulator, you might feel the urge to fly. A few nights ago, a friend from British Columbia recommended that I check out a little placed called Hope. Using Flight Simulator X with FS Genesis terrain mesh, Ground Environment X textures, and the trusty FSX Dodosim 206, I set out to explore this area. It turns out to be one of the nicest areas of terrain for flying helicopters in Flight Simulator X.

By Jordan Moore
Jun 27, 2010

Flight Simulator X vs Flight Simulator 2004

Four years after the release of Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004 downloads remain popular. Users of Flight Simulator 2004 are still well represented in the flight simulator online environments, and it would seem that the Flight Simulator X vs Flight Simulator 2004 question will remain for at least a couple more years. What will this mean for users of Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X, and the developers of Flight Simulator downloads and expansions?

By Jordan Moore
May 17, 2010

Flight Simulator X - Best yet to Come?

It was a time when the possibilities were endless, the community was passitionate and imaginative, and small sub-communities of highly creative developers gave rise to an endless and dazzling array of developments for our favorite software. Is it possible that some elements of this bygone golden era in the flight simulator world are starting to come around again?

By Jordan Moore
May 5, 2010

Would Simple Flight Simulator X Aircraft be Popular?

Given the low number of available aircraft for the latest version of flight simulator, and the complexity involved with developing new models, a question arises. Would enjoyable aircraft for flight simulator x be popular, even if the amount of non-flight related animation and eye-candy was reduced?

By Jordan Moore
Apr 20, 2010

Helicopter Screenshots - with Snapper.exe

Have you been wanting to get that perfect in-game screenshot of your favorite helicopter simulator moment? Screenshots are an important part of the flight simulator hobby. Great looking screenshots can be achieved in Flight Simulator X and FS2004. This article introduces a very useful little utility called snapper. It is free and has been developed by a flight simulator user.

By Jordan Moore
Mar 27, 2010

Helicopter Total Realism - Physics Upgrade

The best of both worlds is rapidly approaching. Now helicopter flight simulator users in FSX and FS2004 can have their cake and eat it too. No longer do sim pilots need to choose between sophisticated helicopter physics and a beautiful helicopter simulation.

By Jordan Moore
Mar 22, 2010

The state of Helicopter Flight Simulators

Both Flight Simulator X and the changing nature of online gaming have had a huge impact on the helicopter flight simulator community. This article takes a brief look at how the helicopter simulation community has changed over the last couple of years, where it stands now, and what the future has in store.

By Jordan Moore
Mar 22, 2010

Flight Planning - Using SkyVector.com

In this article we will introduce the very useful website SkyVector.com - a website with Google Maps like features aimed at pilots in need of sectionals, airport information, flight planning, and weather information.

By Jordan Moore
Jan 3, 2010

X-Plane 9.20 has gone final

X-Plane 9 has been update to version 9.20. More details about what has changed are available at X-Plane.com.

By Chris Gaeth
Sep 6, 2008

JustFlight R-44 Update

Service Pack 2 (27Mb) is now available for your Flying Club R44 Helicopter.

By Chris Gaeth
Jul 30, 2008

New Dodosim team member

Simon Robbins joins Dodosim.

By Chris Gaeth
Feb 26, 2008

Ka 27/32 "Helix" Released at AlphaSim

AlphaSim has released the Ka 27/32 Helix helicopter add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

By Jordan Moore
Aug 20, 2007

Nemeth Bros. Releases CH53-E Super Stallion

The Nemeth Brothers have released their CH53-E Super Stallion helicopter add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X at Sim Market.

By Jordan Moore
Aug 20, 2007

Flight Simulator X - Service Pack 1 Released

Microsoft has released the long anticipated service pack for Flight Simulator X. According to Microsoft, this service pack focuses primarily on performance improvements.

By Jordan Moore
May 16, 2007

FS Helicopters Fly in Support of Polar First

The LZ and Vert have teamed together to fly in support of the real-world Polar First helicopter mission to fly the Bell 407 around the world via the North and South poles.

By Ron Clark
Mar 15, 2007

Rotorwash Magazine Edition #2 Released

Rotorwash Magazine has released their second edition, available now in PDF format via the Rotorwash Magazine website. Read on for details.

By Chris Gaeth
Jan 23, 2007

Nemeth Designs S-76 Released at Simmarket.com

Nemeth Designs S-76
Nemeth Designs in conjuction with www.simmarket.com have recently released their highly anticipated Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter Simulation package for Flight Simulator 2004.

By Jordan Moore
Nov 29, 2006

Rotorwash Magazine Edition #1 Released

Sergio Costa (Spac3Rat at Hovercontrol) has released the first edition of Rotorwash magazine, available now in PDF format via the Rotorwash Magazine website. Read on for details.

By Jordan Moore
Sep 28, 2006