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Flight Simulator X: What's in Store for Us?

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I have been watching the screen shots, the hype and hyperbole of new features yet to be announced and, quite frankly, am worried that they may decide to do something to the base turbine helicopter flight dynamics that
will negate much of the work that serious helicopter developers have based their work on for the past several years.

As Jordan Moore has stated, the default Bell 206 flight package is a powerful synergistic tool when combined with some clever programming and *.air file tweaking, and it is more than capable of providing accurate flight dynamics that many of us have never realised.

Jordan has a fully functional 412 twin turbine chopper. Dodosim has some crazy things going on with flight dynamics. The Cormorant team is building an amazing machine, and other developers are working hard at bringing you the best choppers that the FS environment can model. All of these
developments are based on the base Bell 206 flight model.

While I applaud MS for introducing the R22 model, it is severely limited in what it can do. Yes it can be "tweaked" in the aircraft.cfg, but it's abilities as a true chopper model are limited because they have dumbed down
the *.air file to the point it cannot support many of the advanced features that it's erstwhile 206 cousin can.

Hovercontrol is the single largest repository of helicopter flight models in
the world, and if you look at what's available, 99.9% of all models are based on the Bell 206 model that was originally released in FS98.

If it has survived that long.......and we are only just realizing how powerful it is, PLEASE , PLEASE MS, leave it alone so that we can continue to develop it to the point where sim chopper pilots can enjoy the same level of fidelity that their fixed wing cousins can.