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Hovercontrol 412 Update for FSX

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The Hovercontrol 412 for FSX has received a major upgrade. It has been updated to resolve several problems that were keeping it from being its best in the FSX environment.

Several New Models Include:

1. No Doors
2. Sprayer Equipped
3. Mountain/Snow
4. No VC (For Home Cockpit Folks)

This update includes Rotor Torque

Microsoft Flight Simulator supports rotor torque in its helicopter flight model. The Hovercontrol 412 now includes this enjoyable feature.

Spray Model

Flight Dynamics Overhaul

This update includes a near complete overhaul of the flight dynamics for the 412. Some corrections include:

1. Better more accurate airspeeds and various power settings

2. Better auto rotations

3. More accurate descent rates when lowering the collective, performing auto rotations, or quick stops

4. Better airspeed bleed-off during quick stops and pitch up attitudes

5. Corrected pitch inputs resulting from power adjustments in cruise flight.

6. Resolved long standing FS issue where nose drops on collective dropping

7. And more....

Spray Model Near Hood River

The update also includes fixes for:

1. Landing and Spot Light Visibility problems

2. Large model box around Ambulance 412 model

3. Black boxes visible around the overhead and pedestal consoles, obscuring the view around them.

4. Gauge and Panel adjustments to further increase frame rates.

Engine and Mast Failures Behavior Change

By default, the built in mechanical failures that arise from abusing the engines and/or putting too much stress on the rotor mast have been disabled. They can be enabled by turning on the Pito Heat switch on the Left Overhead panel.

Snowbird Model near Mt. Hood

Fuel Flow and Endurance Information

Fuel burn information can be monitored as part of the GPS popup. SHIFT+3 will bring up this panel.

Along with this update, the stuck generator problem has been studied, and an easy workaround has been developed.

In order to "unstick" the generators, simply follow this sequence at helicopter startup:

1. Start helicopter normally, per the checklist.

2. At the point after the engine(s) are running that you would turn the generators on (per the checklist), simply enter/exit SLEW mode by using the "Y" key. This will unstick the generator switch for any engine that is running at that moment. So you can do it for one engine at a time, or you can start both engines, and then unstick them both at the same time.

The new Hovercontrol 412 for FSX can be found here:

Hovercontrol Helicopter Downloads