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Aircraft Design Guide Book3 - Boolean Operation Released

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Here I am again with many weeks (months) between posts… I have been hunkered down writing the 3rd book in the Aircraft Design Guide series - the Boolean Operation. After 6 months from releasing the first 2, I’m happy to say that the 3rd book is now complete!

This third book Boolean Operation, covers how to cut out parts from existing parts - like the flap and ailerons from the wings, rudder from the vertical stabilizer, the elevator from the horizontal stabilizer and the windows and doors from the fuselage. Aside from the Boolean Operation, other topics covered include:

  • Splitting Polygons into New Parts
  • Adding Points
  • Making a Polygon from Selected Points
  • Creating and Assigning Materials
  • And More!

This guide will walks through every step to create the tools and perform the Boolean Operation. It even shows you common road blocks and how to avoid them in future projects.! This book is 190 pages and costs only $14.95!

The books comes as PDF file that is installed onto your computer and can be accessed through the Start | Programs | Abacus | Aircraft Design Guide menu. Each book in the series comes with the FS Design Studio projects that are saved through out the book - so in case you get stuck wile following along, you can load in a project and see it in detail.

On schedule for the next book is texturing and then on to animation! I’m not sure yet if both will fit into one book - but it I’ll do what I can!

Check out this new book at the Abacus website at:

Get the first 2 books in the series from here:

Visit the sites to see the table of contents!

Thanks for everyone who purchased the first 2 books and their feedback! It makes it much easier to write the book knowing people find it useful! Please enjoy!

Posted with permission of Adam Howe and Abacus Publishing. For more information visit Adam Howe's Flight Simulator Design Studio blog!