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A place to fly - Hope, British Columbia (CYHE)

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After hours of tweaking Flight Simulator X performance, installing new addon sceneries, and getting the best aircraft available for flight simulator, you might feel the urge to fly. A few nights ago, a friend from British Columbia recommended that I check out a little placed called Hope. Using Flight Simulator X with FS Genesis terrain mesh, Ground Environment X textures, and the trusty FSX Dodosim 206, I set out to explore this area. It turns out to be one of the nicest areas of terrain for flying helicopters in Flight Simulator X.

Recently, Rick (sundog) recommended that I check out a region near his neck of the woods in British Columbia.

Hope, BC (airport code CYHE).

I don't know everything there is to know about Hope, BC. After my introduction flight, I do know that it is a great place to check out in Flight Simulator X. For my flight I was using:

Flight Simulator X - Acceleration
Ground Environment X (www.flight1.com)
FSGenesis Terrain Mesh (www.fsgenesis.com)
Dodosim 206 (www.dodosim.com)

As with many places in British Columbia, there are not a vast number of cities and/or airports around, but the terrain is very grand, and there are enough mountains and valleys to keep a Flight Simulator X pilot exploring for hours.

The following are some of the screenshots from my flight.

Taking off from Hope, BC (CYHE)

Flying over the town of Hope - Headed NE

Various valleys will catch you in a bind if you aren't careful

Using realtime and real weather, the visibility can come down on you around here. Luckily today was good.

The Dodosim 206 provided a great way to check out the area.

Perhaps this place could use some outposts?

Bringing it back home to Hope - CYHE