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Helicopter Training with the Buddy System

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Aero clubs, various youth aviation groups, as well as the militaries of the world know the positive benefits of pairing students together. It is a very effective way to get the most out of self training time. The flight simulation learning experience is no different. Our ability to fly and communicate together via voice is a powerful incentive to put this training technique to use.

It is amazing how strengths and weaknesses can be observed by an objective on-looker. Because they do not normally have their hands full of cyclics and collectives, they can often give great feedback in the areas that you may need it most.

The Hovercontrol Instructor Pilot and Staff encourage you to take the opportunity to train with a friend when ever you can. Buddies are great for challenging you to push your skill limits, and knowledge of flight related subjects. Practicing the checkride scripts with a friend is also a great way to familiarize yourself with the tasks involved, and perfect your technique, without the stress you might feel when being observed by an Instructor or Staff member. Giving your skills the time and practice they need to become second nature is the most helpful thing you can do to prepare for any checkride. Practicing with a friend that is at a similar level as yourself, or perhaps even more experienced, is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Flight simulation will give back to you whatever you put into it. Taking your training seriously, and committing yourself to learning as much about helicopter flight as you can is a great way to fully realize all that flight simulation has to offer. In addition to the information that we make available here at Hovercontrol, there are hundreds of books and websites that can teach you as much as you could ever hope to learn about flying helicopters and how helicopters fly. However, when it comes to flying nothing will replace solid stick time and a good friend looking over your shoulder ready to give you some much needed feedback.

The next time you get together with a buddy online to fly. Consider taking your flight to the next level. Spend a few extra minutes to plan out the details, and try to work in a few training tasks at the beginning or end of the flight. Perhaps a solid pattern exercise before landing, an extended hover, or just keeping your altitude and airpeed under control while making turns or altitude changes. If you and your buddy are at similar experience levels, you can easily take turns at providing feedback to eachother throughout the flight.

The more seriously you take a training flight, the more you will enjoy it when you complete it successfuly.

As always, the Instructors and Staff of Hovercontrol are also willing to spend one-on-one time with you to help you polish your skills, prepare for a checkride, or help address your most challenging areas. You can arrange time with us by using the Instructor Scheduling forum.