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FSInn Client - Controlling How Others Look

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Since Microsoft Flight Simulator has supported multiplayer flying online, the issue of controlling how other players look in your flight simulator environment has been around. The types of aircraft each player has installed, and other configuration settings can have a large effect on how you see other players in your virtual skies.

One of the often overlooked benefits of FSInn multiplayer client software is that it gives you complete control over how you see other players in your environment. While you can never control how they see you, you can ALWAYS control how you see them.

This can be especially useful if they are:

1. In an aircraft or repaint that you do not have
2. Appearing as one of your more "Frame Rate Heavy" aircraft
3. Appearing as an aircraft that doesn't blend in (like a 747 jumbo jet)

There are basically two ways to control how other players appear in your flight environment.

1. Specifically choose how another player will appear
2. Set general defaults for all

We will cover selecting a specific player first. To do this:

From the FSInn Control Panel...
1. Select the "Advanced" button
2. Select the "PLA" button for the player list
3. Select the player on the list you wish to change
4. Choose the "User Select" Option and "..." to pick the aircraft
5. Apply the change

The following screenshots will illustrate:

To access Player List (PLA) Select Advanced Button

Select the "PLA" button to get the player list

Select the player to adjust from the player list

Select the aircraft you would like to see the other player as

The "User Select" option should reflect your choice

The other option is to select general defaults for all incoming players for which you lack the aircraft that they are using, or the configuration of the aircraft is such that FSInn is unable to match up the other other aircraft to your own.

In order to select general defaults:

From the FSInn Control Panel:
1. Select "SET" for the settings menu
2. Select "Aircraft" group of settings
3. Select "General Defaults" group of settings
4. Choose the aircraft type to be used as the "fall back" general default for any aircraft based on the Microsoft Flight Simulator engine types.

You can set these however you wish, but keep in mind that many add-on helicopters use engine type manipulation in order to achieve tricky sound effect or other engine startup/shutdown behaviors.

I personally like to have all of my defaults set to helicopters if I can, while on Hovercontrol. That way nearly every other player is bound to show up as a helicopter in my simulator. I often choose the default B206 Jet Ranger, because it doesn't look half bad, and has excellent frame rates.

The following screenshot will help explain which items to select:

Select the default aircraft type by the type of engine used