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FSInn Client - Example Settings

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For those members who are not aware that Hovercontrol has a dedicated multiplayer and voice comms server, we recommend that you check out this area of the website:

Hovercontrol - Multiplayer

The above page will help you find the software you will need to have, how to download/install it, and generally get you acquainted with logging into our multiplayer and voice servers.

What is FSInn

In short, FSInn is a client software needed to connect your flight simulator with Hovercontrol's multiplayer server. It will allow you to fly with other Hovercontrol members while offering a variety of functions that enhance the multiplayer experience.

Why do we use FSInn

We want to collect flying stats of our regular members, keep our environment secure, and allow FSX, FS9, and X-Plane users to fly together. We also want to operate our own dedicated flight server and allow our members to use the same software here as they would use for other major flying networks such as Vatsim. By using the type of flight server and client software (FSInn) that we do, we are able to achieve these objectives.

How do you install FSInn?

This article isn't meant to help with that. You should visit Hovercontrol - Multiplayer Information for that type of information.

Once installed, what type of FSInn Settings should you use?

Here are some screenshots of the various FSInn settings that I use, and they should work generally well for you as well. Keep in mind, that some settings are based on individual user taste, so feel free to tweak around once you get the basics working!

Keep in mind that from the FSInn control panel, settings can be found by pressing the "SET" button.

Starting FSInn from within FSX

FSInn Control Panel - Settings Button

FSInn Settings Examples

Once you have opened the settings dialoge in FSInn you are faced with a fairly large number of options to choose from. Most of the time defaults will work, but some need to be changed as soon as you install the software.

Instead of trying to explain every change. Here is a collection of screenshots from my settings. In order as they are presented in the FSInn Settings menu. Use them to compare. I have been using these settings for several years and have a stable, repeatable experience with multiplayer in both FS9 and FSX every time.

I hope they help you experience the same thing.

FSInn General Settings - 1

FSInn General Settings - 2

FSInn Network Settings

FSInn Aircraft Settings

Leaving FSInn - Shutting Down

Lastly, I'd like to make a note about shutting down FSInn client software when you are ready to end your session and leave flight simulator. Here is the order that I use...with good results every time.

1. Disconnect from network by clicking the network button you are currently connected to (In most cases "HC").

2. Close the control panel by clicking the small blue "X" in the lower right.

3. Using the fligh simulator menu select "FSInn Quit" as shown in the final screenshot below.

4. Then shutdown Flight Simulator by choosing Flight->Exit.

Stopping FSInn before Leaving FSX